30 Years

Property Dilapidations and Refurbishment in Cardiff

Client Details: Mayphil UK

Project: A new project refurbishing an old industrial factory of some 100 years

Brief Overview
The walls internally are painted with several old coats of lime wash and other paints (sealing the brick work) which was flaking in many parts and holding damp and needed to be removed.
The exterior masonry has limescale, brick salt staining and algae, all to be removed.
The exterior steel coated cladding sheets on some of the building was peeling off and needed stripping and re-painting.
Some cladding needed replacing due to damage. To redecorate any remaining steel cladding in appropriate matching paint.
The warehouse floor required deep cleaning and repainting.
Old industrial metal cutting machinery required deep cleaning before being shipped to another plant.
The factory had the timber lined ceiling which were covered in sound proof boards which were damaged and falling away.
The roof steel gutters were leaking, and all the glass skylights were covered in moss, algae and rust staining.
Make minor repairs to some exit doors and redecorate.
To enhance visual appearance.

We carried out a full property survey with the client’s management team and discussed the various options and approach to the job including our suggestion to repair rather than replace some items which included cladding and security grills.

We used our specialised Soda Blasting system to reduce time and cost of removing and stripping paint from walls.

We used our Soda Blaster to strip the affected exterior cladding the recoated in appropriate colours. We then treated with steel cladding and metal grills with anti-rust primers and recoated. We also used the Soda Blaster to remove paint from the walls and the ceiling timbers. We used high pressure washers to clean up glazing.

We acid etched the warehouse floor and repainted it as required with designated safe route walkways. APT’s Powermax 2020 Industrial Degreaser was used to remove the grease oil and other surface contaminates from the machinery before it was shipped to another plant.

We needed to kill moss and remove unsightly algae growth from the roof light glazed panels on both the external and internal areas. We provided APT’s specialised product Algae Free to eradicate this, using our high level rope access team.

There were obstacles regarding constant movement of machinery at the plant as well as other contractors working there during the day. These were overcome by APT implementing a detailed but flexible approach along with the day to day management of the working areas.

The Result / Outcome
We delivered the project to standard required by the client, saving them thousands of pounds. A dilapidated building had been transformed into a workable new office block and show room.

Client Testimonial
“Having been recommended to APT I would like to state how professional they carried out their work on a difficult project. They were very flexible and worked around my production. We saved thousands of pounds due to Andrew’s expertise of the industry. We will definitely be using APT for all our future projects.”

Lance Wilmott
Health and Safety Manager

End of lease term – Dilapidations

Dilapidation claims can arise if a tenant has made alterations or has not attempted to keep the building in a good state of repair either inside or out. Ensuring that your building looks clean is paramount to ensuring that you receive your bond back and that no further legal action is taken. We highly recommend that you employ the services of a professional dilapidation surveyor before the end of your tenancy. When the landlord or estate manager can see that building is clean and well looked after they may well be less harsh if there are other areas not quite as tip top… it’s back to the “first impressions count” and so it’s money well spent.

Our building cleaning experts could increase your sales, leasing opportunities or value of the property and prevent dilapidation claims. APT have completed many dilapidations on numerous small and large commercial buildings across the country and are available 365 day a year.

For upfront advice on your dilapidation, please call us today, where our experienced team can help you decide the on best solution.

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