Can Every Commercial Cleaning Company do Industrial Cleaning?

In short, the answer is no. In this post we will look at some of the reasons why that is so, in order to help you to understand better how you can choose the best contractor for your industrial cleaning needs.

Problem: The Scope and Scale of Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning tends to be cleaning on a large scale over a short time frame. This often requires a large and efficient team to deliver the right results. Industrial grime can be hard to remove and requires a variety of heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. The chemicals need to have a low environmental impact to make sure that they do not compromise your environmental policy and effluent disposal systems. The cleaning company that you contract for your project must be equipped with more than a couple of people with mops, buckets and a pressure washer.

The APT Solution

Here at APT, we have designed our own range of highly effective environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals and have the ability to despatch large, well trained and well equipped teams to your premises.

Problem: Specialist industrial cleaning equipment

Most commercial cleaning companies will be equipped for office, shop and home cleaning jobs, however, the equipment required for these is woefully inadequate for most industrial cleaning situations such as warehouse cleaning or factory and production line cleaning. Machines need to be robust and well maintained so that they clean quickly and without breaking down. Companies familiar with industrial cleaning will always have stand-by machines that can be brought in at a moment’s notice.

This adds up to needing a high capital expenditure and a solid business infrastructure, way beyond the pockets of most commercial cleaning companies.

How APT can help

APT have been involved in industrial cleaning for over a quarter of a century. Over those years, we have learnt what is needed so we have built up a stock of professional, heavy-duty equipment and the expertise to be able to efficiently clean warehouses, factories, machinery, engineering works and other industrial units, inside and out. Having been in industrial cleaning for so many years, we provide practical, short and long term cost saving solutions. We are constantly amazed at the ineffective methods used by many cleaning companies throughout the UK.  We have saved £1000’s for most of our clients.

Requirement: A Wide Experience

In an industrial cleaning situation, there are a variety of different areas each requiring its own specialist technique. Ordinary commercial cleaners will not have the training or the specialist equipment and chemicals to cope with such a diverse range of situations.

What APT bring to your project

APT have the expertise and our own extensive range of industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment to suit any situation. Our operatives undergo a comprehensive initial training programme followed by regular continued professional development.

When you hire APT you will benefit from over 25 years of expertise coupled with the latest techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and well trained personnel to handle the project.

Requirement: Industrial Cleaning requires in-depth planning

Effective industrial cleaning isn’t just a ‘once a month’ job. To be cost-effective, it needs to be meticulously planned to ensure that the right people and the right equipment is in the right place at the right time.

If not managed carefully, the cleaning process can be very disruptive to industrial production. Poor timing can mean loading bays are being cleaned when lorries need loading or unloading. Call in a commercial cleaning company and you could be heading for disaster!

The APT Way

But call in APT and you will get a company who plan an ongoing programme carefully, ensuring that it fits your working patterns; cleaning out of hours is not unusual for us in order to ensure the smooth-running of our clients’ businesses.

Essential: APT and the Health and Safety at Work Act

Industrial cleaning involves a very wide range of interior and exterior tasks, each needing risk assessment and having particular health and safety requirements. A company such as ourselves has the expertise and the means to assess and implement the right precautions for each area to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors, cleaning staff and, where needed, the general public. Commercial cleaning companies are more used to everyday situations and may not have the specialist equipment, qualifications and insurance for an industrial clean.

How to get the best industrial cleaning

Contracting your industrial cleaning to a professional company with many years of experience and well trained operatives is the best way forward. All areas of your premises will be cleaned properly, including dead space and awkward to access spaces. APT hire only staff who are passionate about doing a thorough and excellent job. Contact us now for an initial informal chat about your cleaning projects – 0800 0723 773, our friendly and helpful customer service team are waiting for your call.