Are you the manager of a heritage building? Has your office, leisure centre or retail unit been hit by graffiti artists or is covered in algae? Or perhaps you are the landlord of a property needing refurbishment? One thing is for certain, you will need a façade building cleaning service. APT have 30 years industry knowledge with the expertise and equipment readily to hand for any building cleaning project.

But on the other hand, why spend cash on cleaning the outside of your building?

Why indeed? Here are several crucial reasons why building façade cleaning should be a regular part of your property maintenance schedule.

Heritage Building Façade Cleaning in Leeds

Heritage and listed buildings are generally built from traditional materials and often have some fine architectural detailing. Over the years, airborne pollution darkens stone and brickwork, making a once fine building look unwelcoming. Not only that, since the pollutants are firmly fixed to the facade, they can slowly weaken the stone and degrade the detailing.

Furthermore, algae, lichens and moss can take hold too. Although these are rootless organisms, they damage the fabric of the building if left to grow unchecked; they are particularly damaging to both lime and cement-based mortar. The structural integrity of your building is compromised as water can penetrate the walls more easily and unfortunately for Leeds it does seem to have more weathering than most cities.

Industrial Units, Commercial Buildings, Retail Units and Leisure Centres

Since the 1970s, business parks, retail parks and industrial estates have been extensively developed using steel frame and cladding building methods which can be erected rapidly. The cladding façade is usually a form of corrugated steel, often coated with a protective polymer layer to keep out the weather.

As with heritage buildings, airborne pollution, algae, lichens and mosses can damage the protective coatings, leaving the steel beneath open to attack by the elements. This will eventually succumb and your stock or manufactured products can be damaged, losing your business a lot of money. Regular building cleaning in Leeds can save you thousands of pounds in the long run and is money well spent.

The location and the large flat expanses of cladding are attractive to graffiti artists and if your business is subject to an ‘attack’ you have a couple of options. However, the option of leaving it in place sends out a negative message to potential clients and your staff, directly and indirectly affecting your business.

Roofs and Gutters…not to be ignored

Unseen and often uncared for, the roofs and gutters of any building are your primary defence against precipitation, of which we do have our fair share here in the UK! As with cladding, if mosses, algae and lichen are not removed, over time, it can lead to roof failure and a large capital expenditure. With regular maintenance cleaning, your roof should reach its expected lifetime.

Your guttering channels the rainwater away from the roof and into the drainage system established when the building was first put up. Blocked gutters mean that water overflows and locally increases the algal and moss growth, accelerating damage and shortening the life of the building. Additionally, since the overflowing water is not being directed to the drains, it soaks into the ground and this can ultimately damage the foundations of the building.

Building facade cleaning methods

To the inexperienced, the solution might be simply to pressure wash the building or sandblast it if

it is stone or brick. That gives us the heebie-jeebies! Pressure washing might be OK for some applications, it is rarely the best solution…and sand blasting is a definite BIG no for building cleaning, especially in Leeds where there are hundreds of historical buildings.

For living materials, our proprietary Hot Box steam cleaning system is perfect. Low pressure, high temperature steam not only removes the moss, algae and lichen completely, it also kills any remaining spores, slowing down the inevitable re-growth, without the need for chemical inhibitors – great for the environment and a one-visit solution.

For general cleaning of your facade, low pressure water vortex systems are highly effective and sensitive to the fabric of the building.

But for graffiti removal and the cleaning of fine architectural detailing, the unique APT soda blasting system is second to none. This uses small crystals of sodium bicarbonate (blasting soda) in a stream of compressed air to gently remove the layers of paint or grime. Since blasting soda is the same hardness as talc, it does not damage the cladding or masonry substrate. APT are the leading soda blasting company in the UK and been approved to work on many heritage buildings as well as commercial properties.

How to benefit from the best building cleaning service in Leeds

Talk to our experts who have years of experience on a huge variety of building facade cleaning jobs, they can advise on the right cleaning method for your façade today… 0800 0723 773