The BRC sets precedent as the Global Standard for Food Safety in the Food Manufacturing & Distribution industry. Since it’s development in 1998, the BRC’s continuous amendments have always reflected the desired standards for the Food Manufacturing and Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution industries. The BRC requirements were made as a means of setting standards for food safety, quality and operational criteria in food manufacturing facilities. Such obligations are required to ensure consumer protection and legal compliance.

Requirements set out in the BRC standards apply to food manufacturing in the following categories:

  • Processed foods – branded and customer-branded.
  • Raw materials and ingredients used by food service companies, catering businesses and food manufacturers.
  • Primary products – fruit and vegetables.
  • Pet foods for domestic animals.

2018 saw the development of the new BRC requirements. Following wide consultation, emerging issues within the food manufacturing and food processing industries saw the need for clarity and more advanced rules. The focus of the new BRC standards have been:

  • Product safety culture improvements.
  • Expanding requirements for environmental monitoring.
  • Encouraging facilities to develop security systems and food defence.
  • Clarifying requirements for high-risk, high-care and ambient high-care production zones.
  • Providing clarity for sites dealing with pet food ingredients.
  • Global applicability and benchmarking for Global Food Safety Initiatives.

The BRC Audit

When it comes to working within food manufacturing companies and food processing companies, we imagine that you’ve noticed the rise in BRC audits taking place. The new BRC regulations specifies both announced audits and unannounced BRC audits taking place in manufacturing facilities. When it comes to food manufacturing there are some concerns involving meeting the specific criteria set out in the BRC regulations. Meeting the requirements of the BRC in terms of hygiene and safety standards is paramount to ensure that factories and food manufacturing plants remain running.

How can we help?

We appreciate that there has been a significant increase in the number of audits, more notably, unannounced BRC audits taking place more frequently. For over 30 years’, APT have supplied cleaning consultants to the food manufacturing and food processing industries to assist with their BRC audit cleans. We understand the specific requirements of the BRC audit and that is now necessary to have your facility in prime condition all of the time for when unannounced audits arise.

Our BRC consultants are fully-equipped with the BRC audit requirements and have the knowledge to provide effective and efficient cleaning methods in order for your facility to pass the audit. Having worked in the food manufacturing industry for some time, we appreciate that there are often times for a one-off deep cleaning, along with providing long-term maintenance solutions.

We understand that potential downtime to your business can seem daunting since it could lead to business downtime. As such, we would work with you to understand your requirements and ensure that we always stick to time frames and minimise business disruption and downtime. Our flexible teams mean that we can work around your requirements and still achieve the desired results.

The services we provide Pre-BRC Audit are:

Our fully-certified site services team will firstly lead an in-depth site survey to understand your requirements. On confirmation of the quotation to your needs, we will agree working schedules with you and do our upmost to ensure that we are minimising disruption to your food manufacturing and food processing facility. We appreciate it can be difficult to find a BRC consultant cleaning company that you trust and can work with. We are committed to providing long-term results for our clients and want to ensure we get to know your business and your food factory cleaning requirements to build long term relationships.

If you’re requiring further information, advice or are looking to get a BRC audit clean booked, call us on 0800 0723 773.

Other APT Cleaning Services for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Processing Facilities also include Air Ducts, Car Parks, Cleaning Contracts, Factory Cleaning, Painting, Gutters, Machinery & Roofs.