Industrial facilities require emergency, periodic and one-off deep cleans. At APT, we facilitate your industrial cleaning requirements, whilst helping you remain complaint with the appropriate health and safety standards. We work with all types of industrial facilities, of various sizes providing oil and chemical spill clean-up, mould and refurbishment cleans, to factory roof and window cleaning. All industrial facilities need to be kept clean to avoid both health and safety and fire risks.

Maintaining clean and organised premises can not only be stressful, but also time consuming. For an organisation to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, its paramount that large areas are professionally cleaned, using the right industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment on a regular basis.

To help you, we have put together a 5 step guide to cleaning an industrial warehouse effectively.

  • Step 1 – The Preparation

Prior to the area being cleaned, precautions and risk assessments must be put in place. It’s important to ensure that the area is cleared. We recommend removing any vehicles, such as hand trucks and forklifts, along with any delicate items or cover them over to keep them safe. It’s necessary to remove all potential obstructions or hazards that might be present when it comes to cleaning.

  • Step 2 – Preliminary Organising & Cleaning

We recommend that before you assign a company to carry out your professional industrial clean that it’s worth organising and cleaning your industrial premises. Encourage your staff to sort out their working spaces and any equipment that they use, removing any large bits of debris as they go. It could be worth sourcing an industrial-strength vacuum to remove prevent large amounts of dust in the air.

  • Step 3 – The Deep Clean

It’s important for industrial facilities to be professionally cleaned using specialist commercial cleaning chemicals and the most suitable equipment for the task at hand, no matter the requirements. Engaging the right company is paramount to ensuring that the facility is cleaned in a careful and effective manner, using the right chemicals for the job.

It’s important for high locations to be cleaned first so that the debris naturally falls to the lower levels. High-level cleaning can be dangerous and requires a trained cleaning team, the right equipment, and suitable chemicals to remove debris, dirt, and grime easily and effectively. If any high-level painting is required, we also recommend completing this at this stage.

Once the high levels have been tackled, it’s important to remain organised and focus on the lower areas gradually. Some areas to address might include, the tops of pallets and pallet racks, upper windows and window frames, heating and/or cooling ducts, door frames, shelving, and equipment.

Having the right equipment such as telescopic cleaning attachment and accordion lifts will ensure safe access and the ability to clean difficult to reach areas. Or team of highly trained engineers, will ensure that all equipment is prepared beforehand so that you don’t have to. We follow all required safety standards associated with working at height when performing these tasks, along with using the most suitable equipment for high level tasks.

  • Step 4 – Flooring

Keeping flooring hazard and obstruction free, along with slip-proof is essential in a working industrial facility to avoid accidents. Modern industrial floor cleaners can be a great way to remove embedded dirt, grime, and stains. At APT, we have a full range of industrial floor cleaning chemicals which we use on the job and recommend to clients for future use too.

  • Step 5 – Create a maintenance plan going forward

Keeping up to date with regular and periodic cleans is an essential part of the process when it comes to deep cleans. Working with our clients, we put in place a longer-term maintenance plan to help ensure they keep on top of things and use the right industrial cleaning supplies. Using the right cleaning chemicals in-house, daily means that the facility will be regularly cleaned. Encouraging your teams and giving them time in their day to ensure things are clean will be important for the future cleanliness and organisation of the industrial warehouse.

The APT Difference

At APT, our cleaning experts are trusted with industrial facilities throughout the UK and have been providing commercial cleaning services for over 30 years’. APT Industrial Cleaning services give your industrial facility and industrial equipment the care it deserves. Our years of knowledge and specific cleaning methods deliver outstanding results for industrial facilities, fit to your specifications. Not only do we help with the cleaning of facilities and equipment, but we also have a team on hand to regenerate your equipment and bring it back to life!

After an initial site survey, we will provide you with an industrial cleaning project plan, tailored exactly to your needs and in compliance with the regulations. We will then send you a dedicated, specialist cleaning team who are thoroughly trained and well-equipped to implement your bespoke cleaning project.

Save yourself the hassle searching for ‘industrial cleaning near me’ and ‘industrial cleaning companies’, trust APT to carry out your industrial cleaning and help restore your facility to its former glory.