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Professional Cleaning for Sports Facilities

Pressure cleaning is the most important element when it comes to the maintenance of outdoor sports venues such as tennis courts, running tracks and the areas surrounding swimming pools.

These outdoor sports facilities are prone to moss, algae, lichen and general grime build up, which cause them to become slippery. The facilities then becomes dangerous and unsafe to use due to the potential for injury.

APT-ICC has a track record in working with local authorities and private sports facility owners to ensure that their venues are cleaned and treated to the highest standard, which in turn will ensure maximum performance by users.

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Deep Cleaning of Machinery

Case Study Image - Deep Cleaning of Machinery

The client was using several industrial degreaser products and a hazardous cleaning solvent. The cleaning solvents were delivered and stored and dispensed from 1000 litre ibc containers.The client used approximately 1000 litres per month of solvent degreaser and 150 litres of other cleaners and degreaser solutions throughout the cold mill department to clean and degrease. The client processed rolled steel, the machinery plant and floor areas.