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Paint Stripping, Varnish & Coatings Removal Service

Are you looking for a low environmental impact paint removal service? Do you want to avoid the hazards of using paint stripping chemicals? Do you need to strip paint from metals, wood or delicate surfaces?

Your search is over - APT soda blasting is the 21st century solution to all of your paint stripping and surface preparation needs! We take care of the paint removal, Health and Safety including lead paint removal and disposal, meaning that you have hassle free organisation leaving you more time to focus on the rest of your work.

Say NO to chemical paint stripping

Our paint stripping & surface preparation division uses the latest cutting-edge technology. There are countless applications where the non-abrasive, non-destructive process of soda blasting offers distinct advantages over paint stripping chemicals or abrasion based alternatives. The APT soda blasting system uses an ecologically neutral material and will not harm the substrate materialFor more information about soda blasting click here to visit our soda blasting site.

Soda blasting is a cost effective way to quickly, safely and easily remove paint, poultice paint, varnish and unwanted coatings like graffiti from almost any surface. It is ideal for metal surface preparation such as car body paint stripping.

Paint stripping services for delicate surfaces

Soda Blasting is without doubt the perfect solution for any delicate or precision applications including paint removal from listed buildings, precision engineering components, glass and stained glass, brass and marble. It is extremely gentle; it can remove paint with precision from a small can without denting the metal. There is no heat build up; therefore will not warp thin metals or plastic.

The APT pedigree

APT is well respected as one of the best and most environmentally friendly paint stripping contractors in the UK. We have carried out our specialised industrial paint stripping methods for many blue chip companies, restoration architects, government bodies, private individuals working on castles, churches (interiors and exteriors), bridges, government buildings as well as many commercial outlets.

Our paint stripping service is extensively used on industrial and commercial buildings, car parks, bridges, in the automotive industry and engineering plants. It’s an efficient and rapid method for the complete removal of graffiti from stonework, brickwork and masonry. Car body paint strippng using our safe mobile blast cleaning uk service is the best way to remove and strip car body shell of unwanted paint and rust removal or blast clean your boat hull for anti foul paint removal ready for re painting because it gives a great surface to work on ready prepared to allow your paint coating or re spray company to apply their new coatings saving them time and you money

Property enovation, historic building conservation, war memorial cleaning and church restoration

We are considered experts in this field and our soda blasting services have been used by local authorities, Cadw (the Welsh Heritage body) and English Heritage too. 

If you have ever watched the Old Tenby Lifeboat Station renovation on Channel 4's Grand Designs series with Kevin McCloud, you will have seen us in action! The interior was clad with a large expanse of heavily varnished tongue and groove panelling. This needed the varnish stripping off as a last minute condition by the planning officer to meet fire standards. The architects and their clients required a rapid response varnish removal service. Cadw conservation architects suggested soda blasting would have the least environmental impact. So we stepped up to the challenge and the rest, as they say, is history! Click here to see pictures and read the full case study.

The best paint stripping contractor

We always assess the task in hand first and offer a free non-committal site survey on larger projects. Please do not hesitate to call our experts for more information on our expert paint stripping services - 01495 308 048


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