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High Level Cleaning

In this blog, we will be looking at our specialist high level cleaning services.

Since the dawn of civilization, there have been buildings. In the Middle Ages, there were buildings. When the Industrial Revolution began, there were more buildings. Right now, there are so many buildings. Buildings everywhere. Supermarkets, cinemas, factories, offices; these are all buildings. And like everything else, buildings need to be cleaned. But cleaning a building isn’t like cleaning the dishes; it can be complex, different for every individual building and can be very dangerous when they start going up and up. Cleaning buildings isn’t exactly something that’s thought about very often by most people, but it is with APT.

We’ve been cleaning high level buildings for over 20 years, so we’re confident that we know what we’re doing by now. And as you can probably guess, cleaning a building isn’t just going at it with a bucket and cloth; it takes careful planning and a professionally-trained team using specialist equipment. Luckily we have all of those things, meaning we can provide excellent high level cleaning services.

High Level Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning
Our specialist teams are highly trained to use equipment such as this
(Image source - APT-ICC)

But what are those services? What does cleaning a building actually involve? Well, there are three main types of cleaning jobs involved with high level building cleaning, which are:-

1. Exterior Cleaning

This is a very important part of building cleaning in terms of visual aesthetics. Over time, a warehouse, factory or office block is going to get dirtier, which can make them seem older and run-down; definitely not a good look if you are trying to sell yourselves as a company or present the company to potential business partners. Dirty buildings can even have a negative impact on a workforce, as having to go to a run-down, grimy building every day can start to make them feel run-down as well.

Our exterior cleaning service covers cladding cleaning, restoration and protection, graffiti removal, paint removal, general maintenance and awkward access areas including rope access cleaning. Our cleaning processes safely remove carbon, dirt, scale, micro-organisms, pollutants and UV light damage, which can help bring your building back to its original condition. Our services can be provided as a one-off job or as a regular six-month cleaning contract.

2. Roof Cleaning

Whilst the average person is not going to see the roof of a building from street level, it is still important to make sure they are cleaned. If a roof is left without maintenance, moss and algae can develop. If these organisms are left unchecked, they can block gutters, damage ventilation systems and attract insects. They can even begin to eat through the roof itself if left long enough. In the cold, winter months, the algae and moss can freeze solid, which can cause major problems due to the increased weight on the roof.

Our canopy cleaning and roof cleaning services will prevent this damage by removing all traces of moss and algae. As a professional commercial roof cleaning company we hold a waste carriers license and therefore we will dispose of any moss and dirt that is removed at our designated waste disposal sites. 

High Level Cleaning, Exterior Cleaning
Regular roof maintenance is vital to ensure your building is clean and safe
(Image source - APT-ICC)

3. Gutter Cleaning

A lot of people have experience with blocked gutters. Usually during autumn with its falling leaves, the guttering of homes can get blocked, which most often gets sorted with a broom being poked from a bedroom window. But that method doesn’t quite work for large, commercial buildings. Blocked drains stop water from running off the roof and into drains at street level. If there is a heavy period of rain, this can lead to flooding, something that would be very damaging for a business. Did you know that 64% of flooding is caused by blocked drains, and that insurance companies can use this to blame you and deny a claim?

We offer both high level gutter cleaning and commercial gutter cleaning services as a one-off clean or at regular intervals to ensure your property doesn't suffer water damage for something so easily remedied. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous due to the height and sometimes difficult to reach position of the gutters and should therefore always be left to professional companies offering high level gutter cleaning services.

If you require any of these services, ring us on 01495 308048 for a free, no-obligation quote and advice on what service would be best of your needs.

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Llangefni War Memorial Monument Cleaning

Case Study Image - Llangefni War Memorial Monument Cleaning

The challenge was to restore and clean stone and marble war memorials, removing several decades of pollutants, grime and weathered staining located on the isle of Anglesey.

The project required the removal of algae and moss growth on the monuments themselves, as well as the surrounding pathways. Graffiti removal was also needed to enhance the overall visual appearance of both monuments. A protective coating was also needed to provide future resistenace to detrimental effects.