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Fire and Flood Restoration

When a fire takes hold, it is always a frightening proposition and has a devastating effect on your business or home. Flooding is less dramatic but flood damage is equally distressing as that caused by fire. Both need to cleaned up as soon as possible. Fire and water damage is not a pleasant sight - or smell but APT are here to support you through your difficult times. 

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Fire damage cleaning

Our specialised fire damage clean up team are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment that will ensure a rapid return to normality to minimise your distress.

Fire and smoke damage is not only unisghtly but also potentially toxic. Soda blast cleaning provides a fast and effective way to remove the stains and toxins without harming the surface underneath. Blasting Soda’s odour eliminating properties make it a unique medium for fire restoration cleaning jobs, ridding your property of the smell of the fire too.

It has a similar hardness to talc powder and so window frames can be cleaned without affecting the glass; woodwork can be cleaned without damage to the sound wood; brick and concrete surfaces can be rapidly restored to their pristine condition, as can furniture and other possessions.

Flood damage repair

Flood water damage restoration needs to be carried out quickly - flood damage to buildings becomes worse the longer the water remains in contact with the fabric of your building. Effective flood damage cleaning requires specialist knowledge. If the clean-up is not carried out thoroughly, bacteria and mould will be left and could leave you with an unhealthy environment in which to live or work.

When you call in the APT flood damage clean up team, you are getting much more than just flood damage cleaners. Our well trained team will make a comprehensive flood damage assessment; salvage and clean anything usable and even speak directly with your insurers. In other words, we don't just do flood restoration, we help you get back on your feet.

Soda blasting is the perfect flood damage clean up method, not only does it gently but effectively remove soiling without damaging surfaces, bicarbonate of soda is an effective natural deodouriser too.

APT fire and flood damage restoration services

  • Removing & disposing of all damaged possessions
  • Restoring any fixtures where possible
  • Soda Blasting and deodorising the affected areas
  • Drying out property, dehumidifying
  • Cleaning, sanitising any objects deemed salvageable
  • Redecorating both inside & out
  • Reconstructing any part or whole part of your premises
  • Re-fitting offices

An empathetic parner for your fire or flood clean-up

Fire and flood damage recovery is a specialist task, but with APT on your side, you will find the process becomes a lot easier.  Our rapid response fire and flood restoration service to get you back into your business or your property fast.

Our fire and flood damage team work with major insurers, businesses and individuals. Unlike many fire and flood restoration companies we are happy to speak directly with your insurance company making the process as stress-free as possible for you. We are happy to visit your premises and provide a FREE on-site estimate, once instructed we can carry out a detailed fire and flood damage survey to fully assess the situation.

Benefit from the best fire and flood restoration service ...

Do other fire and flood restoration companies offer this level of service? Call us on 01495 308 048 or our 24 hour rapid response service for fire, flood and storm damage restoration - our emergency call out no is 07976 290 233

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