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Fencing Contractor

We are the experts at providing clients with attractive, innovative, long term cost effective, maintenance free fencing solutions, known as - Whole of Life Fencing.


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A new breed of boundary fencing has landed in the UK and business is going from strength to strength. We love the fencing for many reasons one of which is that it offers a genuine benefit to our consumers and the environment generally. 

Fencing to be proud of ...

We firmly believe that APT fencing supplies is the best general fencing product on the market today, and not only is our product great, our service is too.

Our goal is to give you fencing that is attractive and remains fit for purpose without costly and time consuming annual treatments. Furthermore, you get full peace of mind as Whole of Life Fencing is guaranteed for 25 years.

To give you the best possible customer experience we offer national survey and fitting services via our fully trained fencing contractors. 

Our free no obligation survey and quotations are just that, free, and with no obligation.


The Whole of Life Fencing solution is manufactured from Zincalume high tensile steel and is fully engineered to be light weight yet extremely strong and durable. Our fence panels are guaranteed not to rot, warp or peel for 25 years and can withstand wind gusts up to 130mph giving you real peace of mind whatever the weather may throw at us.

Our fencing contractor has been trained to the highest standards to ensure durability.  

Low Maintenance

Whole of Life Fencing low maintenance characteristics means it never needs treating or painting, just the occasional hose down is all is required to keep your fence looking as good as new.  


Whole of Life is made from Colorbond steel, one of the most advanced steel products in the world. Beneath the surface world leading technology is hard at work delivering long life anti corrosion performance. First a base of Zincalume steel ensures outstanding anti corrosion performance to which a conversion layer is applied to enhance coating adhesion. Then an epoxy primer is applied to then surface before a final durable exterior grade coloured top coat is baked on.


Available in a range of colours to compliment any garden environment, both sides are identical making colour fencing the most attractive fencing solution for you and your neighbour..

Private & Secure

Available in heights of up to 2.1m, Whole of Life Fences keep your world inside and the outside world outside. Infills are securely locked into the post and rails as a deterrent to intruders, and a full range of lockable gates is available. Because of the strong and durable nature of the fencing materials, colour fence is now being  widely used for security fencing. Our fence contractors work to exacting plans and methods to give you peace of mind. 

There are no footholds to aid climbing, no sharp edges, no splinters, and no need for chemical treatments meaning a safer fence for you, your children and your pets.


We cannot and do not try to compete on price with inferior lap panel installations but a Whole of Life Fence can cost you less than you might think and is remarkably good value when you consider there are no ongoing maintenance costs.
We offer a free, no obligation design and quotation service and do not employ high pressure sales tactics but leave you time to consider the prices we have quoted at your leisure.


Our Fencing Contractors can cut the colour fence to any size on site, and can be stepped or raked according to your preference to accommodate sloping ground and allow your garden fence to follow the natural contours of your land.

Our fencing contractor can install with or without decorative trellis which can be in the same or a contrasting colour depending on your preference. In fact the system is component based, so you could go for a truly individual and distinctive look by mixing post, rail and infill colours!

Our Fencing Contractors have installed the whole of life fencing as well chain link fencing in a wide variety of business’s as well as residential establishments; Private residential housing developments, managed (public sector) residential developments where durability, maintenance and aesthetics have to be balanced. Schools, hospitals, playgrounds ect.


The product has received many accolades to include - Gold Award at the Royal Horticultural Society Blenheim Palace Show, a Silver Award in the 'Best Labour Saving Product or Service' category of The National Gardening Awards. 

This top ranking came about following the use of the fencing in the BBC 2 TV Garden make over show 'Garden Invaders'. And this year Whole of Life Fencing landed another prestigious award after collaborating with the Backgate Gardeners. The project was a cottage garden for the BBC Gardeners World Live Show which was held at the NEC. The garden complete with brown Whole of Life Fencing took a Bronze award.

Whole of Life Fencing was featured on ITV1's The Alan Titchmarsh show - Alan thought Fencing was "very classy"

Rated as Excellent by our customers

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