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Ice Blasting and Industrial Machinery Cleaning, Graphic Packaging


Client - Graphic Packaging International Ltd

Location - Bristol

Scope of Works - Industrial machinery cleaning, Ice blast cleaning

Brief Overview

APT was asked to access a programme of works at the Bristol printing plant. APT were required to provide a full schedule of works for a complete ice blast clean & to incorporate a thorough deep cleaning to underneath the print presses to remove any build up that could pose a risk.  

We carried out a full survey and provided proposals for evaluation by the client. We then discussed the various cleaning options and methods with the managers and production teams to bring the project in under a tight programme during a brief shutdown of production.   


The print presses were normally in constant use due to busy shift patterns, so the schedule for cleaning had to be arranged during a short and coordinated period to avoid disruption to operations.

Ice blasting carried out previously by another company had been costly and unsuccessful therefore APT also had to overcome the fears of the client.

What We Did

We brought in our specialist cryogenic ice blast cleaning team to clean down and remove all the contaminated print rollers and gearing inside the large print presses. We used our APT specialised degreaser, Powermax 2020, to clean the external presses as it was the best and most suitable commercial degreaser which would quickly break down and emulsify all the surface grease, oils and other surface contaminants.

We then carried out the cleaning beneath the presses to remove all the unwanted debris and unwanted paper fibres.

Our Powermax 2020 degreaser was also used for the industrial floor cleaning through the scrubber dryer.

The Result/Outcome  

APT carried out the programme of works to meet client expectations and have been awarded further ongoing planned maintenance works to ensure the high level of cleanliness is extended to other areas within the printing hall facility.  


“APT carried out a very demanding programme of industrial cleaning and ice blasting which delivered fantastic results, further demonstrating their competence to deliver on-time. We will continue to use their services for our ongoing operations”

Justin - Operation’s Manager 

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