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Handlesbanken Building Facade Cleaning

Client: Handlesbanken

Project: To clean the exterior of the Handlesbanken building in Chiswick, London


The Challenge

The building façade required cleaning and repairs to stone and masonry brick ,the grouting of the brick required removal and re-pointing to match existing mortar colours. The exterior marble of the window panels also needed cleaning, along with the sandstone surfaces. There was also some instances of graffiti that needed to be removed, to enhance the visual appeal. 



APT's Solution

We had to apply for the required street works permits, and scheduled the job to avoid peak times, as we would be working on a busy high street. We erected a portable tower, arranged scaffolding, and barriers to ensure the safety of the work space and nearby pedestrians.

Due to the nature of the buildings, the stone cleaning required very gentle cleaning to remove all the surface pollutants and grime without causing damage to the substrate. We employed the use of soda blasting, and used a very low blast pressure and a vortex nozzle to aid the stone cleaning. We carried out the brick cleaning using low blast pressure and architectural blend blast media, and we also cleaned the marble panels using this same methos. The racking of the mortar joints was done with mechanical equipment, and the mortar was sourced locally to match the standard London mortar.

To remove the graffiti, we used our own specially developed graffiti removal gel which was effective on the old and well embedded graffiti.



What Our Client Said

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