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Pest Control - Birds

Letting a bird problem get out of hand could harm your business and the health of you and your employees.

APT provide professional bird control, bird proofing, bird removal and bird dropping clearance for commercial customers.

Expert Control of Pigeons, Gulls and Other Avian Pests

Our bird pest control teams are highly trained and able to access the areas where birds roost on any building, whatever its size. Our IPAF and IRATA trained personnel will operate from platforms, hoists, lifts and ropes as the situation demands. We have removed bird colonies from church steeples; fitted pigeon spikes and other bird deterrents to tower blocks as well as clearing birds from inside factories.

Cleaning bird droppings poses significant hazards to human health. Since we are also a professional cleaning company, we are equipped to safely remove bird lime from historic buildings, monuments and statues without damage to stone, metal or brickwork by using a wide range of cutting edge cleaning techniques. All waste products are removed from your site and disposed of hygienically and legally.

To discuss your bespoke bird pest management project call 0800 0723 773 now for a no-obligation chat with our pest control experts.

Pest Control Contracts

Many businesses take a reactive approach to bird pest control, calling in a pest management company for one-off issues. We are happy to offer such a service and aim to solve the problem in just one visit.

For medium to large companies or organisations, a contract offers significant benefits:

  • It allows any problem to be dealt with in its early stages
  • Ensures your compliance with legislation
  • It works out cheaper than several one-off call outs
  • A contract allows for on-going bird pest management so you benefit from a lower recurrence rate
  • A dedicated team know your premises and what to expect so you benefit from a much more efficient service, saving you time explaining the same thing over and over again to new people

Calling APT now on 0800 0723 773 to discuss your commercial pest control requirements will save you time and money in the long term.

Finding the Best Bird Control Services

We know that you want the best possible service for your budget. Experience counts and APT have many years of that, dealing with all kinds of pest.

Good bird pest management companies operate to the most stringent health and safety levels - we provide method statements and risk assessments for all your pest control solutions, not just bird removal.

As a professional commercial pest management company, APT teams are fully conversant with all relevant legislation. Birds are protected by wildlife laws and animal welfare legislation which are both frequently updated. You have the peace of mind that everything will be carried out 'above board' - legally, humanely and safely.

Fast, Safe, Convenient and Reliable Service

We have built a solid reputation for providing high quality bird pest control services. We treat our customers as our partners and ensure that they receive first class customer service. We provide everything required from bird control to the final clean-up of the bird fouling so you benefit from minimal disruption and inconvenience to your daily routine, including 'out-of-hours' working where necessary.

How to Benefit from the Best Bird Management Services

Contact APT pest control services now on 0800 0723 773 for a no-obligation chat.

About Birds as Pests.

Pigeons have been known to carry diseases such as the flu-like Chiamdiosis and Psittacosis, which is similar to pneumonia. Bird droppings (guano) start as an unsightly mess but as significant quantities build up, the wind can spread viruses from the dried up mass. On paths and walkways a build-up of bird droppings makes them slippery. Bird fleas and bird mites will happily feed on human blood too whilst a wide range of insects including flies, beetles and moths breed in their droppings, subsequently infesting your building and contaminating canteen food.


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